Thursday 18 May 2023

FREE Felt Tampongate Ornament Tutorial & Happy Tampon Embroidery Pattern

This Coronation-inspired project definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea but the idea popped into my head and I simply could not resist making it!! Sorry!! :)

Sew a very silly, VERY CHEEKY ornament to celebrate the Coronation, the classic Royal scandal that was Tampongate, and the relationship between our King and Queen* 



(*I think The Tampon Conversation is actually a very cute and funny example of how well suited they are for each other!) 

As well as templates and instructions for sewing a Tampongate ornament, I've also included an embroidery pattern version of the design which fits neatly in a 3 inch embroidery hoop.

There's also an embroidery pattern of a cute little tampon on its own, and of course you can leave off the felt crown and just make a felt tampon ornament for any occasion!

Charles & Camilla Tampongate Felt Ornament


A little felt tampon ornament would be fun to stitch as a first period present, to fundraise to help women and girls in period poverty, or just to help promote more open and relaxed conversations around the topic of periods. 

And the happy tampon pattern would look very cute stitched on a pouch for storing your period supplies!

Charles & Camilla Tampongate Felt Ornament

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