Thursday 18 May 2023

Merry Corribobs! A Coronation Embroidery Pattern

Merry Corribobs Fun Coronation Embroidery Pattern


This slightly silly embroidery pattern is inspired by the British habit of saying things like “Hollibobs” instead of “Holidays”...

Recent examples include “The Panny D” (The Covid Pandemic), “The Platty Jubes” (The Platinum Jubilee), and “The Cozzie Livs” (The Cost of Living Crisis). 

I saw someone using “the Corribobs” instead of “the Coronation” and… well, I just couldn’t resist embroidering it :)


This pattern is fun and easy to stitch, and I've included a guide to how I stitched my version. 

It makes me giggle every time I see it and I hope it'll make you laugh, too!


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