Thursday 18 May 2023

Coronation Crowns + Jewelled Crowns, Felt Crown Tutorials

As promised, here are some more fun felt crown tutorials!

fun felt crown tutorials


These easy sewing patterns available on my Patreon will guide you through making four different styles of felt crown - as mementos of the Coronation of King Charles III, or just for dressing up as a King, Queen, Prince, or Princess whenever you fancy!

Coronation crowns felt sewing tutorial

jewelled felt crowns sewing tutorial

These tutorials are based on the basic felt crowns tutorial I shared earlier, with four different variations to try...

 .... a simple patriotic crown in red, white, and blue (great for Royal events here in the UK, or the 4th of July in the USA!)

red white and blue felt crown tutorial


.... an embroidered commemorative crown celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III.

Coronation of King Charles III felt crown tutorial


... a sparkly crown decorated with beads and sequins.

sparkly jewelled felt crown tutorial


.... and a crown decorated with embroidered felt "gems", with step by step instructions and diagrams for the embroidery.

felt crown tutorial with embroidered gems


I'm particularly delighted by the embroidered gems and want to sew them on everything now.

I think one on its own would totally work as a fabulous felt brooch!

felt embroidered gemstones jewels tutorial


The CRIII monogram / cypher would also look great embroidered onto a felt bauble as a quick-to-sew memento of the Coronation year!

King Charles III monogram embroidery pattern