Thursday 18 September 2014

One Bite at a Time

"How do you eat a whale?" "One bite at a time!"

I am not eating a whale but I am knitting a patchwork blanket and the process feels similar... working on one square at a time, stitch by stitch, slowly making more and more until (eventually! a long time down the road!) there will be a finished blanket. 

Here are the mini squares I've knitted in the past couple of months:

Regular readers may remember that I'm knitting these small squares (which are just 10 stitches across) for a picnic blanket with a design that apparently reminds everyone of the video game Tetris :)

That little pile of squares doesn't look like much for "a couple of months" work, but I've only been knitting one or two squares here and there on evenings when I'm watching TV and don't feel like focusing on one of my sewing projects. I'm also only using "leftover" yarn for these small squares - yarn left over from knitting the bigger squares I'm making for this blanket (and other projects).

So, this particular whale is gonna take a long time to eat!


Ingrid K. said...

Hi Laura! Your blanket is looking good, I love your idea of using up leftover yarn in this creative way! And it is amazing what it amounts to, even when making it at a leisurely pace - at the end you will have a whole blanket to show for those quick bursts of knitting!
Well done!
Ingrid xx

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks Ingrid! Those little bits of time really do add up as the months roll by :)