Tuesday 13 November 2007

365 / 89 - Maps Maps Maps

Yesterday evening I faffed about on the computer a fair bit and spent a goodly amount of time enjoying the pleasures of home cooking, etc. Crafting-wise I turned my attention to a bundle of map pieces I cut out just aaages ago (way back on day 18!), finally sticking them to card blanks to become real live cards. Lovely old maps, one of the Thames Valley (my home turf) and one really beautiful map of London from the 1940s. I'd originally planned to display the latter but it was badly marked, so I cut all the damaged bits off and the remainder has made for some lush cards. They still need handmade envelopes to go with them (I'm making recycled brown paper envelopes which I think sets off the maps really nicely) and then I shall attend to sorting them into sets etc and taking photographs but it's still nice to have them "finished".