Sunday 25 November 2007

365 / 100 - Christmas treats

Yesterday was day 100! Hurrah!

Last night's task was to finish my new Christmas-themed items so I could take photos of them this morning while there was still light to do so - I got up rather late today so there was only just enough!
I made one of the holly pieces into a brooch and the other into an ornament, and I finished both of the mistletoe decorations. The first one was made with just one piece of felt sewn on the back but it wasn't quite sturdy enough so the second has an extra layer in the middle. The slightly thinner one will get sold at a slightly lower price and I may adapt the design a little if I make some more but I am very pleased with how the applique turned out. It's one of those pieces where it's loads of work and it seems alright and then you add the finishing touches (in this case the white berries) and it all comes together. It has been suggested that I market the mistletoe with a line like "with normal mistletoe you just get a kiss, with this mistletoe you get felt", haha.

Here's a better shot of the holly brooch, and one of the mistletoe so you can see the scale of it
Today I was supposed to be cleaning the house a little and then settling down to do some sewing in the afternoon before we have guests for dinner but it's the middle of the afternoon already and I've done nothing yet! Ah well. The housework may have to wait for another day...


dragonfly said...

I love the mistletoe...and your blog!

Anonymous said...

The mistletoe and holly are brilliant!