Saturday 10 November 2007

365 / 86 - lots of brown and green stuff

I seem to be going through a phase of making things out of brown and green felt. This is what I made yesterday (all started from scratch yesterday evening except for the tea pins which I took from my wip pile) ...
... brown and green all the way! I did do a slightly more colourful sketch for a custom ornament, but there's still some green in there:
The new conker pins are part of my autumn-inspired range for my shop, except the boyfriend has shotgunned one of the conkers so I shall have to make another one straight away! I also made a little tree stump which I think looks quite cute. Here are the new brooches along with all my autumnal and leafy things:
Meanwhile, we are still working on cleaning the house after the heating-related chaos and one of my poppy brooches was briefly on the Etsy front page last night (hurrah!) in a red-themed Christmassy selection - many thanks to the lovely memake (maker of awesome pinnies and other great stuff) for letting me know and sending a shot of it which I can now send to my mother, she will be very proud :)
Here's a shot of the whole selection, chosen by benconservato
Oh, and I have also been tending to my "garden" better known as the few pots outside our front door. I made a huge mess yesterday and also ran out of compost, but now the boyfriend has bought me more compost so I am looking forward to making even more mess today!