Thursday 29 November 2007

365 / 104 - Making a big Felt-y Mess

Last night I did lots of sewing... unfortunately this made rather a lot of mess as I don't have a dedicated workspace but instead work wherever in the house I happen to be, and last night this was on the sofa. Our coffee tables now look like this, and it spreads across the sofa and the floor and another side-table as well...
Lots of tidying up to be done today before I can get on with anything else!

Rather a productive evening though - I worked on a batch of sakura pins (with the new beads), some moths, some poppies, some holly, some lions and some new mini mistletoe baubles:
I've really got to go and do some tidying in a minute, but I just wanted to mention the awesome little mention I my work got here this week: so flattering I practically blushed when I read it!


Leigh K. said...

you deserve any mentions you get! i'm glad you saw my wee little blog. :)