Sunday 11 November 2007

365 / 87 - stock control and mess control

Yes, you guessed it, I spent yesterday organising things. I did a little bit of sewing and cutting out of pattern pieces but mostly I spent my "crafty" time reorganising my systems as the more stuff I make the harder it is to keep it all tidied away neatly (the woes of not having my own workroom).

I reorganised the boxes and tins I use to store my finished items, and packed everything away into little plastic bags which I swiped from work last month when they were just going to be thrown away. I used to have two boxs which were full of "currently listed" stuff and then another which was for as-yet-unlisted items or excess stock (spare stuff, basically). I was forever forgetting whether or not I had another of x in stock or rummaging around trying to find the purple version of y ... so now everything is neatly stored together. All the tea cup pins together, all the cloud pins together, and so forth. Really not the most exciting thing to be reporting, but I think it is a good step towards me becoming more efficient and making less mess.

I've also decided to use the little bags to organise my small works in progress - so when I cut out lots of pieces to make a batch of brooches I can tuck them all in a bag together and they won't get lost or dusty or whatever. I have so many odd little wips they start to take over the place after a while, and now they can go in a box, hurrah! Similarly, I have so many different thread colours on the go at once - and my main thread storage drawers are in another part of the house - I end up with reels of thread on every available surface and I tend to lose the colour I need. So now my "current" threads are all in a drawer pinched from the main unit (the ever popular IKEA drawers, beloved of crafters everywhere). Here are some of the bags (with works in progress and also pattern pieces) and the lovely drawer of thread:
So, yes, very dull stuff but gosh it feels good to see it all tidy. I am not anywhere near having my workspace(s) and supplies organised how I want them, but a few more little steps like this and I may be there soon.


Swirlyarts said...

Yay to organising!! Can you send some of your organisation skills up here please as they are seriously lacking in my house!