Thursday 1 November 2007

365 / 78 - satisfying tasks and a secret revealed

Last night my crafting tasks were deeply, deeply satisfying as I got to Actually Finish Some Things instead of just doing odd bits of works in progress. Here are the things I have finished (along with some things I almost finished)...... a batch of teacup pins, a batch of plush birdies and also some apple pips pins.

Ah, it is so wonderful lining all those finished things up in a row like that (mildly obsessive? moi? surely not).

Today I have been busy with blogging tasks - I am still very behind on updating the UK Etsy Sellers blog, but I have at least now brought the shop guides up to date... They still need a bit of work as I need to give a description of contents for many of the shops, but I've done some of them at least and all the empty shops have been removed and the new shops added (thanks to the sterling work of Kezzaroo updating the UK Etsy sellers list every month).

I have also been uploading photos to my flickr, of the secret item I made way back on day 39 of this crafting 365 project. It's a felt version of a comic strip creature? character? monster? not sure what to call him, but he is called Space Owl:
Today has also included a memorable trip to the post office (after which I realised I had been undercharged! I actually got to send a free parcel, it was rather marvellous), talks with my landlord about plumbers (our boiler and water tank and so forth may need replacing - doom!), and a lovely tea-break catching up on Storque articles wherein I spotted my moustache pins in a cute set of spy-related items in one of their How-To pieces, hurrah!


Knit - R - Done said...

Adorable - all of it!