Thursday 22 February 2007

Featured Etsy Seller: Numpty

Numpty, aka Jen, is very very nice. She took it upon herself to organise our UK Etsy sellers' business card swap, collecting everyone's cards and sending them back out again. She was also my secret santa in our swap, sending me just the most gorgeous pairs of earrings. I've posted the pic before but I will do again, the green ones are stunningly beautiful and the little gingerbread men are just damn cool.I was so pleased with the latter, in fact, that I could not resist asking if she could make me another pair to send to a baking-obsessed friend (this girl is even madder about baking than I am, and I started a whole baking club for crying out loud!). Jen immediately ordered all the parts for me, made the earrings super-quick, kept me completely in the loop letting me know when they were finished, due to be listed, had been posted, etc. They arrived in double-quick time, beautifully wrapped (as were the swap earrings) and with these cute little freebies included in the parcel - Lego brick magnets!

Not only were there free magnets, but the magnets were packed in a bag that had little kisses on it. Oh, and all Jen's parcels seem to come sealed up with pretty patterned tape. These are the sort of little touches which make this girl a star and will no doubt win her many a loyal repeat customer.

First-time customers are bound to be charmed by her products themselves. The Lego magnets are fairly typical of her Etsy-hosted items - she also sells domino earrings, Monopoly hotel cufflinks and a range of Scrabble tile accessories that are so quirky and joyful they must surely make all hearts sing:

Jen has a blog full of Numptiness, too...