Wednesday 14 February 2007

Stuck away from my supplies thanks to the snow...

I went to visit my parents, took a small pile of supplies with me so I could work on my swap item (see previous posts) and also a camouflage-wearing teddy bear I've been asked to make ... and then it snowed and it wasn't safe to drive, and so I sat down with my pink leftovers and my pile of green & brown felt (for the camo bear) and made lots of things while I enjoyed the pleasures of digital telly (Rockford Files rules ok).
As you can probably tell, I like leaves. If other people like leaves too, that would be good. If not, I will have leaves everywhere! I am esp pleased with the flower brooch. I made another (even nicer) one for my sister but don't have any pictures of it yet. Will try to remember to post a pic of it when I get a chance. I am hoping to make lots more flower brooches, and maybe some pincushions and needlebooks - I have almost finished a leafy green needlebook, just need to add some ribbon and we'll be good to go.