Thursday 22 February 2007

A brief pictureless update...

Lots of things I need to blog about properly, haven't been organised enough to take the pics to match yet so I will hopefully post them later (& maybe some more interesting details, etc).

Etsy update: I now have a deliciously unlucky 13 sales to my name and 58 hearts (although hearting is basically bollocks, certainly if you go by some of the complete randoms I had in my favourites before a cull this week - who are these people? why did I heart them? was I drunk? etc etc).

Also: I am planning to have an Etsy birthday this year. I had already decided to do so, but my weakness this week in making two whole Etsy purchases has cemented it firm in my mind. Then I expect an Etsy Christmas will follow after that, and on and on ever after!

I have been doing lots of tidying up and organising after a week of crafting left just the biggest mess in our living room (I have no space dedicated to my crafting so my work just spreads itself amongst our posessions and muddles up with the filing pile and so forth). I now have a whole tin of birds (must post a pic of this because it is awesome, or terrifying, depending on your opinion re the birds themselves) and an album with showcase cards and a box of wrapped cards and a box of random bits and pieces and a tin with recycled envelopes and tags AND a box with in-progress stationery bits (ie lots and lots of envelopes I have cut out from old maps but not yet actually turned into, you know, actual envelopes). Organisation is good. I have even started keeping accounts*

My mother-in-law (a genuine, trained fine artist) and I are thinking about having a stall of goodies to sell at a local music festival in August.

The UK Etsiers are not only planning a sale in April (1st-8th April 2007) but we have also been swapping business cards and all my cards arrived in the post this week, hurrah, so exciting looking through everyone's cards (and hoping they liked mine...). Such a great idea, to send out each other's cards with our orders, cross promotion rules ok. I really must post a pic soon but until then there are pics up on alicub's blog
It was very exciting getting the others' cards, some of them are really very awesome indeed, felt almost like Christmas or something, lots of lovely little surprises. They will be a delight to send to people.

I have joined the women's institute! Woohoo! The W.I. is awesome and mostly sell the kind of amazing preserves and baked goods that make the mouth water just to look at them whilst also somehow embodying englishness in all its most village-ish forms (think: cakes baked by white haired old ladies for the vicarage tea party :) ). They changed their trading name from "Women's Institute Country Markets" to just plain "Country Markets" a few years ago, and operate as a co-operative for sellers (5p to join and you're in). So: Thursday mornings, local church hall, me and a couple of dozen grey haired lovelies, selling my cards etc in amongst all the jams and cakes and plants and duck eggs and knitted goodies. Have been for just one morning so far, definitely deserves a post all to itself at a later date, really interesting stuff.

There are probably lots more things but I will try to actually just post about them, with details and links and pictures and things like that instead of just gabbling on like this in a big list some more. Enough now.

*I secretly really like keeping accounts, doing all those sums is fun and writing things down meticulously appeals to my most nerdy tendencies. Shh though, don't tell anyone...