Saturday 24 February 2007

UK Etsy-ers Business Card swap...

Photographic evidence of the giant bundle of cards that arrived in the post for me this week:

So much fun looking through everyone's cards (and I am spending all my tea-breaks checking out everyone's shops in more detail now, too). I am now up to 16 items sold on the old Etsy, so had a chance this week to send out some cards with my packages. It's nice to be spreading the Etsy love... Here are a few of the cards that really caught my eye with their loveliness (although all of them had something quite charming and different about them, which I really was not expecting):

I especially like the cool rounded corners of Nonsuch's card (all of her things are so charming) and the presence of the oh-so-British postbox in the photo on the DitzDesigns card. Other cards pictured: cool felt work from Jenny Pepper , a very stylish jewellery photo from Kezzaroo (who also now makes the most mental little felt people), gorgeous textile artwork from Rachel's Melted Fabrics , crazy knitted birdies by Kool Kooky Kreatures, and the loveliest textured card from Tiny Island ... I may have to do features on most of these sellers in future as I am in love with the UK Etsy crowd's work!


artandghosts said...

kezzaroo's card is very glamorous, hehe!
great to have found your blog:)

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I came across your blog today and I thought...hang on a minute...there's my name!! Thanks for the mention and Im very glad you liked the postbox!!
The card swap was fun wasn't it, I enjoyed looking through everyone's cards and exploring their shops.

Well, wish you all the best with your shop and keep up the good work

Ditz xx