Monday 19 February 2007

Some Photos of My Stash...

I am a terrible hoader, but when it comes to crafting this can be very handy as I am forever suddenly finding a perfect use for that thing I kept many years ago... I am trying to limit myself to one box of oddments (ribbon, trimmings, felt, buttons, beads, thread, fixings, all sorts of junk) and then there's my knitting bag and my two boxes of fabric and don't even get me started on the paper front! The pics show my box of oddments (visibly overflowing!) and some of my recent fabric finds. I am entirely in love with the floral fabrics, and the tea cups are a great tea towel that I cannot wait to turn into lots of pretty tea-themed items.


Airbrshldy said...

I am the same way! I horde all sorts of things, they are all interesting in my opinion and I know sometime I will find a new use for them. :) However, some things hang around for years. lol