Sunday 4 February 2007

Yet More Birds...

The bird production continues apace. I've sold another one now and have some reserved for when a friend's payday rolls round... I am making a mobile for a friend (he is thinking about what he wants on it...) and am making an army bear for someone's boyfriend (will post a pic when this is finished, my first proper commission!) and am working on an item to send as part of the UK Etsier's first swap. Oh, and I am joining the WI and shall hopefully start selling at their market in a fortnight. Also: I got a big pile of cello envelopes through the post the other day, have put all my cards in them and they look so much better than loose: so professional looking & of course they will help keep the cards looking smart and neat. Need to order more envelopes already though as I had more cards lurking about that I'd thought!