Monday 19 February 2007

Featured Etsy Seller: jessprkle

Etsy is awesome, and there are so many fab shops on there... so I thought I would start a sporadic series featuring sellers whose items catch my eye. First up: jessprkle

"Unique Expressions" is Jessica Mattingly's shop, crammed full of just the nicest jewellery and other assorted pretty things. In particular, I adore her yarn-wrapped beads. She sells a whole selection of them and, as she is having an until-the-end-of-Feb 15%-off sale for new customers, I have just this very afternoon been tempted into purchasing a lush pair of earrings made with two yarn-wrapped beads: I hope I haven't given my blog address to my sister, as they're meant to be a surprise for her... I have been completely obsessed with these earrings since I first saw them on Etsy and have even had a genuine dream about them. Tragic, I know, but they are just so wonderful-looking.

Check out Jessica's shop, and her blog, too:


Unknown said...

OMG, this is too flattering! Thank you so much for the feature, and I hope your sister loves the earrings as much as you do!