Tuesday 24 June 2014

Made in Felt... issue 2!

Remember Made in Felt magazine?

Well, it wasn't exactly a magazine, more like one of those thick, occasionally-published "bookazines" you see popping up all over the place these days.

It was jam packed with felt-themed crafty goodness... and now a second issue has been published! Yay!

I was delighted to discover that this issue includes two projects from my book, Super-Cute Felt Animals. I know it sounds a bit weird when I say things like that but honestly I rarely know about these features until someone spots them and mentions them to me!

You can sew a friendly hedgehog or a pretty budgie / parakeet, with step by step tutorials for both. I stitched myself a brooch version of the budgie and I wear it a lot, pinned to my jacket or cardigan.


Obviously if you're my mum (hello mother!) you might rush out and buy this just because my work is featured in it, but for those of you not related to me there's lots to love about this magazine!

It's 130 pages long and full of felt-themed tutorials, crafty ideas and sewing tips. I especially love this monster...


... this cuckoo clock (from Makery, a lovely crafty book which I reviewed earlier this year)...


... and this fun teapot.


There are also some felt-themed shopping guides and some interviews with some talented designer/makers who work with felt, like Louise Evans (of Felt Mistress fame) (how awesome are those felt beetles???)...

... and the always inspiring Gretel Parker, who creates the most wonderful needlefelted sculptures.  

I picked up a copy of Made in Felt in my local WHSMITH but if you can't find a copy near you, it's available to order online.


Anonymous said...

Actually I don't think it is good for magazines to have an over reliance on work from books. Either I have the book already and I find it annoying, or so many projects are published from a book that I don't feel it's worth buying it.

I have seen the same crochet blankets from the same book in two publications at the same time. One I already had and the other I refused to buy even though it interested me.

I feel there are currently far too many magazines who can't find enough to fill them. I look for mags to buy but either they have good giveaway kits on the cover or nothing inside, or reasonable insides and a very poor cover giveaway (I hate waste). I prefer to buy patterns independently and get what I want because of this. I also buy books as they are far better value. I rarely buy magazines even though sometimes I try very hard to find one I like enough.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for your comment, Sara!

I love how nowadays us crafters have so many different options - craft books, magazines, paper patterns, pdf patterns - so we can find the crafty goodness that suits us best :)

Unknown said...

I so need to buy of those books and some felt when I get some money. They are so darn cute.

Bugs and Fishes said...

I hope you'll have fun making lots of felt-y things! x