Wednesday 4 June 2014

How I Blog

Over on Ei! Kumpel today you'll find an interview with me, all about blogging. This is part of a series of interviews Margarida has been doing with bloggers about how they blog, what inspires them and what challenges they've faced.

It's always nice to be asked to be interviewed, but it was especially great to do this interview as it made me stop and think about my blog - how and why I do it - in a way I've not really taken the time to do before. You know, despite blogging most days for the past however many years!

Here's an extract...

"What inspires you to blog?

My blog is my portfolio, showcasing my designs and my tutorials. It’s a noticeboard and newsletter for my business. It’s my diary, my project record, my travel journal. It’s a space for me to write about what interests me, and flex my (slightly neglected) English graduate writing muscles. It’s a space where I can support people and projects I admire, recommend things I’ve bought, share things I’ve discovered. And it’s a space where I can experiment, try new things and write and make anything I want.

Blogging is so intertwined with my working and creative life these days, I’m not so much inspired to blog as I am unsure what I’d do if I had to stop."

CLICK HERE to visit Margarida's blog and read the full interview (in English or in Portuguese).

You can find all the interviews in the series HERE. That's my afternoon tea-break reading sorted! :)