Wednesday 25 June 2014

Edward's Menagerie Book Launch Tickets: Winners

Time to announce the winners of the Edward's Menagerie book launch tickets!

The winners are...

... SayItWithCyanide, who said, "Oooh yes please! I like cats best!"

... and craftylittlerat, who said "I do love Alpacas, but Tapirs are my most favorite animals at the moment! That and Rats of course."

Congrats guys! I'll send you a message later today but if you don't hear from me by the time you see this post please get in touch - my email is mail [at] lupinhandmade [dot] com 

Edward's Menagerie will be published in July by David & Charles. RRP £15.99.

Click here to read my review!

Remember, if you pre-order the book directly from TOFT you'll also get a PDF of ten bonus patterns that aren't included in the book: a badger, camel, kangaroo, moose, reindeer, sloth, lemur, skunk, snow leopard and armadillo.

(P.S. there'll be another post up on my blog at 11am, so do pop back!)