Thursday 22 August 2013

Another Blanket-In-Progress

I've made a start on task #5 on my Crafty To Do List: sewing a bunch of knitted squares together to make a blanket.

This blanket has been a work in progress for YEARS - I actually knitted some of these squares way back when I was a teenager. In person you can really tell which ones they are, the knitting is so uneven! It's nice to know that my knitting skills have improved over the years, even if I still stick to pretty simple projects.

Since last January I've been gradually using up yarn from my stash to knit more matching-sized squares, and now I've finally got around to laying all the squares out on the floor, planning an arrangement, taking a photo of them...

... and then using the (rather terrible, but still useful) photo as a guide to sew the squares together in the right order. The colours are slightly random, but they don't look too bad together and no matter how the finished blanket looks it'll still come in handy for keeping cosy on the sofa in the winter.


O meu pensamento viaja said...

Lovely blanket and amazing blog.
Maybe you want we follow each other.
If so, please, let me know.

Beth said...

How are you sewing them together?

I made 3 blankets with knitted squares years ago and was never quite happy with how they were sewn together.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Beth - I'm just using whip stitch to sew them together. Nothing fancy, but I don't really mind how the backs look. I have seen tutorials online for crocheting knitted squares together for a neat finish, which looks quite interesting.