Tuesday 9 April 2013

What's In This Box?

I've been slowly sorting through my craft stash over the past few months, tidying and re-organising and sorting through a bunch of supplies to destash... and at the bottom of a drawer I found this little box.

I remember keeping oddments like snap fasteners and bobbins in this box when I was a sewing-obsessed kid, but what's in there now?

There's a hook and eye cut off a costume for a dance recital I was in at primary school....

The costume was in our family dressing up box for several years, and then eventually got cut up for some sewing project or other (I can't remember what) in my early teens and I guess I thought the fastening might be useful for something! Waste not want not, right? 

And then there's some stuffing and some felt pieces I must have cut out at least 15 years ago... ready for making teeny little felt mice.

I remember making a whole batch of these, with little pink ribbon tails and tiny pink seed bead noses. I guess I must have put these pieces in this box to finish later and then forgotten all about them! It feels a bit wrong to just throw them away after all this time - maybe I should try and finish them?

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Josie said...

Oh finish the mouses! They'll be a lovely reminder of childhood.

Get Crafty said...

Please finish the mice and share a photograph. They look so tiny and so cute!

Bugs and Fishes said...

I have added them to my (long!) to do list :)