My name is Laura (aka Lupin), I'm a designer, maker and crafts writer living near London, England. I blog regularly about all my crafty and creative adventures, and also sometimes write about my life and the lovely, colourful things I buy from Etsy and from indie designers and retailers. I love sharing lots of free craft tutorials with my readers, and I review lots of craft books too.

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My 2013-14 blog stats (via Google Analytics)

Oct 13: 103,000+ page views, 36,500+ unique visitors
Nov 13: 165,000+ page views, 59,500+ unique visitors
Dec 13: 136,500+ page views, 49,000+ unique visitors
Jan 14: 80,000+ page views, 27,500+ unique visitors
Feb 14: 68,500+ page views, 24,000+ unique visitors
Mar 14: 66,500+ page views, 24,000+ unique visitors
Apr 14: 52,000+ page views, 18,500+ unique visitors
May 14: 49,000+ page views, 16,500+ unique visitors
June 14: 47,000+ page views, 17,000+ unique visitors
July 14: 44,500+ page views, 17,000+ unique visitors
Aug 14: 48,000+ page views, 18,500+ unique visitors
Sept 14: 55,55+ page views, 21,500+ unique visitors



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