Sunday 28 April 2013

Website Tinkering

I've done a bit of tinkering with my website, blog and shops today, which is one of those jobs which is a) super boring and b) always takes longer than you think it will because you keep spotting more things you need or want to change!

The main job on my list was re-arranging the categories in my shop, as I've decided to group my products thematically - e.g. with all my flower designs together in one section instead of being divided into "brooches" and "headbands" and so on.

This was a pretty speedy job by itself, but couldn't be done until I had the time to update all the pages on my website and the static pages on my blog which linked to the old categories... and all that took rather a long time! I expect there are a few old links still floating about but, fingers crossed, I think I've got most of the important ones (do give me a shout if you notice any broken links I've missed!).
I've also updated a few other pages on my website which, to be honest, has been a bit neglected since I moved my shop over to Big Cartel. And since I'm promoting my Big Cartel shop more than my Etsy shop these days I've moved a whole bunch of "end of line" clearance items out of my Etsy shop and into my BC shop's sale section so you can pick up a bargain handmade something at the same time as shopping for a destashed craft supply or two.

And now I've got all these boring-but-useful things ticked off my to do list I can turn off my laptop and go do some creative stuff, hurrah!