Friday 12 April 2013

Crafty Flashback: A Felt Picture for Fathers Day

My mum found this felt picture in a drawer yesterday when she was having a bit of a spring clean:

I stitched it many many years ago to give to my dad for Father's Day (instead of the usual handmade card). I remember being in a bit of a rush to finish it as it took longer to sew than I'd expected!

It was based on this drawing of a golfer...

... which was one of a big series I drew in my teens (for no real reason other than I liked drawing stuff!) featuring the same furry character in lots of different outfits and scenes. I've still got a whole bunch of them & thought guys might like to see some of my favourites :)



Dana said...

That's very cute, love it !

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks! :)