Saturday 20 December 2008


Today is the recommended last posting day for Christmas (first class mail within the UK) and I've just got back from the Post Office and posting my final bundle of parcels for the year! I'll still be taking orders in my shops, but anything ordered during the holidays will get posted in the first week of January to give me a bit of a break and time to relax over Christmas.I feel quite worn out after packing so many parcels... and I still have some presents of my own that still need wrapping. Actually, I still have some presents that need making (including some more of those lavender sachets) so there's plenty to keep me busy even on holiday, even without including all the stuff I'm working on ready for 2009! (More on this coming soon...)


BlueTerracotta said...

I can see how you'd need a break! I love your etsy shop, go there often, and have seen how much you sell! It's amazing you can keep up with it all! By the way, I love the teacup brooch I bought and wear it on my bag!

Creative Crafter UK said...

You must end up working through the night with the amount you seem to be making and the time you must also spend on-line, blogging, on Etsy, on Folksy and Dawanda. I don't know how you manage it!

Enjoy the Christmas break!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say that you certainly deserve a break. Enjoy your Christmas! Keep stuffing the Quality Street in and take some time to relax. I love your blog. End of.


Chris said...

What a pretty package! I, too, am still making gifts and unlike you, I didn't get them all sent out by yesterday! I'm afraid they will not make it in time! But... they are still heartfelt. Happy creating!

And happy Yule!

Mlle Miracle said...

Enjoy your break! I hope Santa will bring a lot o presents!