Monday 22 December 2008

A Christmas Corner

I have to admit that I'm getting quite excited about Christmas this year, and am loving all the cheerful touches round our house... even the messy piles of giftwrap and ribbon have been making me smile! Tragic, huh?

Of course it's so dark these days that taking pictures of any of this is almost impossible, but I have done my best to take some snaps of our Christmas tree as I think the Christmas corner of our lounge is looking rather nice at the moment:The presents are all standing on the top of our electric piano - pushed back against the wall to make room for the tree, and draped in a lovely vintage bedspread for a bit of colour - and the tree itself is on a table that I've covered in a big bit of mustard yellow brocade from my fabric stash (plus some strings of silver stars for a bit of sparkle). Here's what it looks like on cosy evenings:Our tree is rather minimalist, just a few sparkly bits plus those lovely bird ornaments I bought the other day... Next year I hope to be a bit more organised and have a crazy all-felt Christmas tree, with felt garlands and felt baubles and felt squirrel ornaments and all sorts of felt festivity, but this year we're keeping things super-simple ... though I might make a gold star for the top!