Saturday 13 December 2008


UPDATED June 2010 I'm currently accepting new sponsor ads on my blog! I'm looking to promote independent artists, crafters and supply shops with their own distinct styles, professional products and presentation, and a love of colour. Please do check out my current sponsor shops to get a feel for the quality and aesthetic I am interested in. Ads on my blog are currently £7.50 per month or £17.50 for 3 consecutive months, for a 200×120 pixel ad. I can only accept ads of this size, and no animated ads. Payment is via Paypal (I'll send you an invoice if you're interested). I add any new sponsors at the beginning of each month. Ads are rotated throughout the month for fairness and I'm happy to swap over your ad image at any time to match special promotions etc. My blog has a regular following, with over 2,500 subscribers, but I also get a lot of new visitors finding me through links from other sites and search engines. Over the past 6 months approx 51% of my traffic has been new visits. Blog stats: Nov 09: 63,000+ page views, 17,000+ unique visitors Dec 09: 81,000+ page views, 23,000+ unique visitors Jan 10: 58,000+ page views, 14,000+ unique visitors Feb 10: 58,000+ page views, 14,000+ unique visitors Mar 10: 70,000+ page views, 18,000+ unique visitors Apr 10: 48,000+ page views, 13,000+ unique visitors May 10: 62,000+ page views, 15,000+ unique visitors If you think your shop would be a good fit for my blog, and are interested in becoming a sponsor please leave a comment on this post with your email address, website and a quick introduction to your work (posts will not be published) so I can contact you directly. ----------------------- The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a small change to my blog today - the addition of some sponsor ads to help support my daily blogging. I'll be offering a limited number of ad spaces on a monthly basis, from specially selected businesses which complement my little crafty corner of the internet and which I think you, my lovely readers, might be interested in visiting. The ads will never affect the content of my blog, and sponsors will be no more or less likely to be featured in blog posts. If you visit any of my sponsors, please do let them know how you found them!