Friday 17 August 2007

Crafting 365 - day three - admin and wips

Lots of dull admin to do today. Shopping, cleaning, queuing, filing, tidying, all that dull stuff. Etsy-wise I posted some parcels and listed a couple of things... and took some better photos of the moustache pins:
Crafting itself has been pushed back and back all day, so this evening I shall be giving it my full attention. I have an assortment of works in progress to be getting on with: moustaches (including experimenting with the elastic I bought today), owls (they need brooch backs and then stuffing) and then if I've got the time there's a big stack of sheet music that needs cutting into envelope-shaped pieces...
In honour of the moustaches, my DVD of choice will be something directed by Hitchcock, or maybe an Agatha Christie adaptation :D


The Mock Duck said...

You're making some lovely stuff.

I've drawn something especially for you -

see my blog