Friday 24 August 2007

Crafting 365 - day ten - battenburg

Tonight I am cutting out small pieces of felt to make battenburg brooches like this one which sold last night:
I have also been dancing around the room a little as my lucky pants badges were on the Etsy front page this evening! So many front pages, it it all getting a little overwhelming. They were part of a lovely "your inner child" themed treasury. My inner child is well pleased :D

Tomorrow I have to package up lots of things and go to the Post Office... I am also hoping to sit down and turn the felt pieces into actual finished brooches, and maybe do some other crafting too. Most of my free time today was spent doing my accounts which was no fun at all, so some nice soothing crafting would be very lovely (esp if I have to queue in the Post Office beforehand!).

I think doing those accounts has frazzled my brain a little. I have totally run out of things to say! Oh well.