Sunday 19 August 2007

Crafting 365 - day five - sewing sewing sewing

It is so miserable here! England has somehow skipped two months of the calendar and is nearing the end of OCTOBER. Brr! I was in summer dresses last week, now all my winter woollens are back out from under the bed and I'm drinking tea to warm myself up (instead of normally when I drink tea simply because it is wonderful).

I am exhausted today, feeling generally a bit rubbish, so I am spending the afternoon curled up with my sewing pile. This is what my workspace looks like at the moment, with my little portable moustache factory on the right:
On the left are some in-progress pants badges - part of a custom order but always fun to make, such delicious bright colours! The keen-eyed amongst you may also be able to spot some biscuit badges ready to get sewn together and also the new colours I am trying out for the moustache pins (black and blond).

Right, back to my needle and thread...


Sara Millis said...

Wow, you're a busy one...! I love the owls, I think they are my favourites.

Sara x