Thursday 16 August 2007

Crafting 365 - day two - penguins, envelopes and moustaches

So today was another rainy day, and I was also super-tired... so curling up in a corner with my sewing seemed like the way to go :)

The rain did let up for long enough to give me time to pop out and buy double-sided tape, so I finished the rest of the recycled envelope sets:
I did a little more work on my selection of owls but they're very much still a work in progress (just wips with eyes and beaks firmly attached). I did manage to finish 2 penguins though - fat little guys, these two:Oh, and I designed and made (and sold!) moustache pins too. Ah how I love felt, such a great instant-gratification medium. I wanted to make some felt moustaches, so I sat down and made them and there they were, hurrah! It was dark when I finished them though so the pictures are terrible, but I listed them anyways and one of my fellow UK Etsy types bought one - my fastest ever sale (and bringing me up to 160 items sold, rather a nice number). Three colours at the moment, though I may make some more... brown (The Colonel), grey (The Retired Colonel) an red (Colonel Mustard (must think up another name for this one lol!). This is The Colonel:

I am thinking about buying some thin elastic at the market tomorrow and experimenting with making moustaches you can wear on your face instead of pinning to your sweater... but for the moment these will have to do :)


Anonymous said...

I MUST have one of those mustaches! I love it! I am such a big fan of your blog, I love to watch all your cute little creations come to life. Thanks!