Wednesday 22 August 2007

Crafting 365 - days seven and eight - sheet music envelopes

I am cheating a little here (already! and only day 7!) and only uploading one photo for today and yesterday... but I *have* been working on the same thing both days :D

Late last night I cut out the rest of my sheet music stash into envelope shapes... and then this morning I folded them all and put them in a pile ready to glue together:
Lots to do! All of those will have matching notecards, too...

Anything else to mention? Oh yes. I have been on a small Etsy spree. Two trades and three purchases. Lovely Etsy treats... I shall blog about some of them soon (some are presents so shhh no telling). Oh and I also treated myself to - gasp! - something not from Etsy. I can't remember the last time I did that, haha, what an addict I have become. I felt a little like a traitor to the cause but I am so pleased with what I bought that who cares? I want very much to say what it was I bought, but I have to keep quiet cos (again) it's a present so I Must Not Breathe A Word until the unwrapping is over and done with.

Nice Etsy news though (I think I forgot to mention this before) - the winners of their Poster competion got announced, and one of my items is in one of the winning posters. Hurrah! The fascinating statistics page informs me that a wonderful 16 people picked my stuff as part of their poster entries and - most magically - my abstract mobile was picked 6 whole times! Wowzers.

My only other piece of news is that my lovely boss gave me a whole bag of wool yesterday, so I now have no excuse not to get started on knitting little hats for Innocent Drinks' Age Concern fundraiser. It used to be called Supergran, now it is called The Big Knit - whatever you call it, is is pretty awesome. I made 150 little hats for it last year - I loved the little stripey ones best, especially as they were the first things I ever knitted with stripes. Here are a few I made last time round, hopefully the first of many little hats to be seen on this blog as I really want to make the time for it again this year.
Such a good cause and such cute and satisfying little things to make! If you knit even the tiniest bit you must join in! :)


Anonymous said...

Amazed 150, congratulations! Have just looked up their web site and will join in the fun.

Swirlyarts said...

The time has come to learn to knit - I love this idea and I'll be buying lots of them when they come into the shops :)

TheKnittingBee said...

Hi! I've just searched for knitters taking part in the Innocent hat drive, and come across your blog. 150 hats is really impressive!

My goal sounds a bit lame now, but I'm hoping to raise at least 40 hats through a pledge.

I've set up a pledge, that I will knit at least 5 hats, as long as 35 other people knit at least one too. You can see it here

I just thought I'd spread the word about it :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

I only managed 150 last year cos I was stuck in bed ill for about a month :)
Good luck with your pledges!