Thursday 21 May 2020

A New (Old) Direction: Wool Blend Felt Squares + Craft Supplies

Hey, guess what?

I've decided to start selling felt squares again! Yay!

I'm selling the same brand of lovely 30% wool felt I used to sell many years ago - it's gorgeous and soft and comes in so many great colours. I use it A LOT in my own crafting, I love it and I hope you guys will too.

I've re-opened my Big Cartel shop to have my own little corner of the internet to sell stuff - click here to visit and see what's for sale!

As well as felt, I'm also going to be selling other colourful and useful crafty supplies: lots of stuff for sewing, of course, but also some paper crafting supplies, stationery, and other crafty goodness. I've added a few bits and bobs already and there's more coming soon. You can also buy my PDF patterns (these will be emailed to you within 24 hours as I sadly can't do automatic downloads via my shop).

Oh, and I've added my recent vintage and second-hand finds to the shop, as well. There's crafty stuff like second hand books and vintage fabric, as well as lovely stuff like vintage book pages and gorgeous plates. 

I'll be adding some of my felt and craft supplies over in my Etsy shop as soon as I have time, but my full range will be stocked in my main shop. This is partly to save time (duplicating all those listings and managing stock levels in multiple places is a lot of work!) but mostly to save money, as some items just won't make financial sense to sell via Etsy due to their listing and sales fees.

Please note: at the moment my shop is just set up to ship to addresses in the UK. I know there are a lot of delays with the international mail at the moment and don't want customers buying from me then getting upset when their order doesn't arrive quickly! If you live outside of the UK and want to place an order and are happy to wait several weeks for your parcel please do get in touch.

I'm a bit nervous about dipping my toes into this new (old) venture, but excited about it too! Wish me luck, and go have a browse of all that crafty goodness...