Tuesday 19 May 2020

Archive Update: Retiring Patterns

Last year I decided to retire a few old tutorials from my blog, polish them up nicely and add them to my shop as printable patterns - putting them to work helping to pay my bills.

Some of these have been added to my shop already, but others needed a bit more work before they're shop-ready and I've not got around to retiring them yet. It felt mean taking them off my blog before I was ready to start selling them, just because I'd announced I'd be removing them on a certain date.

But: the finish line approaches!

So, you've only got a short time left to grab these projects before they vanish from my blog and re-appear in my shop...

This set of Christmas ornament tutorials:


(It's been quite a bit of work updating these tutorials as I didn't have any step photos for them... and there are eight of them, as you can see! I've also been working on matching embroidery patterns to include in the PDF version, plus some designs for a new co-ordinating ornament set! I can't wait to show you).

And the mistletoe embroidery pattern:


(I'm working on a matching felt version of this! They're going to look so cute together)

I've also decided to retire the penguin ornament tutorial:


And the matching penguin embroidery pattern.

All of these projects will be removed from my blog on or after June 1st, so if you'd like to make them for free please get any instructions and templates/patterns printed out or saved before then!