Sunday 3 May 2020

Gorgeous Vintage Encyclopedia Pages + Other Loveliness

Two posts in one day! Woohoo!

As well as having some fab new paper packs for sale, I'm also selling some wonderful colour plates from a 1950s encyclopedia and a whole bunch of other lovely things.


The encylopedia pages are so delightful and are perfect for framing. I actually have some pages from the same book framed and ready to go up on the walls of my flat... when I finally get round to working out where to hang them, that is! I am so bad at those kinds of decisions.

Get in touch if you're interested in making a purchase or would like a quote for postage. I'm charging the exact postage costs! As I said in my previous post, I'm happy to ship internationally at the moment if you're prepared to wait for your parcel as there may be long delays due to COVID-19 disruption.

First up, those lovely encylopedia pages. All the pages are approx 17.2 x 24.8 cm. Some have sold already but at the time of posting this lot are still available...

"Chrysanthemums of many kinds", illustrated by E.C. Mansell.

Jaguars this time! "Stealthy prowlers of the Amazon forests", painted by Herman Rountree. N.B. this image is darker in real life. It has a lovely moody richness to it! £3 + postage.

I just adore these nature illustrations, and jellyfish are so cool, aren't they? "Jelly-fish: floating invertebrates of the ocean", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. £4 + postage. 

Next up: APPLES. This would look so nice framed in a kitchen! "Choice apples for dessert, cooking, or cider". £4 + postage.

I love this one so much: loads of beautiful birds eggs, beautifully illustrated. Just wonderful. "Eggs of thirty-six British birds", painted by Percy J. Billinghurst. N.B. there are some slight marks at the bottom of this page. £3 + postage.

Then here's the last of the bookplates for now... (I've got a few more but need to find the time to take photos of them!) "Delicate forms and colours of the rose", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. On the back: "Climbing, rambling, and cluster roses". £4 + postage.

As well as the book pages, I'm also selling some other nice bits and bobs.

To start us off there's a fab book full of flowers: Floral Designs and Motifs for Artists, Needleworkers and Craftspeople (1984). 136 copyright-free floral motifs in one book! These are all really lovely and could be used for so many different projects. Approx 21 x 28 cm, 80 pages, 260 grams. £5 + postage.

Next I've got a really lovely jigsaw puzzle for anyone (like me) who's a big fan of birds! I really enjoyed doing this puzzle, and I love a round puzzle - always an interesting challenge. Vintage birds jigsaw puzzle (1980s). 300 pieces, ONE PIECE MISSING, some damage / old sticky tape / writing on the box. The finished puzzle is approx 41cm in diameter. 320 grams. £2.50 + postage.

This book is so delightful! A great slab of a book to dip into when you fancy it, or to work through slowly soaking it all up bit by fascinating bit. Funny, sad, charming, moving, there's a great mix of stuff in here. Letters of Note: correspondence deserving of a wider audience. A compilation of 125 letters, telegrams, memos and other bits of interesting correspondence! Paperback edition (2016), in nice condition. 368 pages. Approx 1 kilo. 18 x 23 cm. £3 + postage.


I bought this puzzle because my boyfriend loves lifeboats... but it turns out he's not interested in doing jigsaw puzzles, so I had to do this myself! RNLI jigsaw puzzle, featuring an Arun Class lifeboat at Weymouth in Dorset. 500 pieces, ONE PIECE MISSING (see photos). Some damage ,/ old sticky tape / writing on the box. The finished puzzle is 51 x 35 cm. £2.50 plus postage. 360 grams.

Last but by no means least: a gorgeous big bits of vintage Sanderson fabric, salvaged from some handmade curtains. Some fading at the edges but otherwise in great condition. I think it's 100% cotton. There is loads of gorgeous quality floral fabric here, and Sanderson fabrics are very pricey when bought new!

I've got two sections of this to sell. A: 2 pieces measuring approx 190cm high and 114cm wide, stitched together to make one width (over 228cm) 1050 grams. £30 + postage. B: 2 pieces measuring approx 175cm high and 108 cm wide stitched together to make one width (over 216 cm). 950 grams. £26 + postage.

(Please note I've not washed this but am happy to do so before sending it, let me know xx)


You can see everything that's currently available over at my Instagram sale account or in my Facebook sale group, and send me a message via my contact form if you'd like to make a purchase. Remember I can post a shoebox sized parcel weighing up to two kilos for just £3.10 in the UK!