Tuesday 5 May 2020

More Vintage Enyclopedia Pages

I've been busy taking and editing lots more photos, so I now have some more of those lovely 1950s enyclopedia pages to sell - hurrah!

There's such an interesting mix of topics in these pages, it's been fascinating to see which ones have been snapped up so far. Apart from the large fold-out page, all the pages are approx 17.2 x 24.8cm. You can see more photos, and all the currently available items I'm selling, over on my Instagram sale page or in my Facebook sale group.

"Some of the important breeds of poultry", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. £4 + postage.

A large, fold-out colour plate featuring lots of beautifully illustrated birds. "Migration of British Birds", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. Approx 24.8 x 32.6 cm. £6 + postage.

3 wildlife-themed colour plates from a 1950s encyclopedia. "The queer frilled lizard is ruffled", "Tawny owl, night-watchman of the woods, and "Harvest mice at home in a wheatfield". £1 each plus postage.

Beautiful illustrations of classic stories! Peter Pan, The Arabian Nights, The Blue Bird, Rip Van Winkle, Robin Hood, & The Odyssey. These aren't colour plates, but thinner standard pages from a 1950s encyclopedia. Still wonderful for framing! £2 each + postage.

"Wendy in the Boy's Home in Neverland", illustrated by Gordon Davey. "Aladdin finds the wonderful lamp", illustrated by Eric Hall. And "Moonlight cavern in the palace of night", illustrated by Hazel Frazee. Rip Van Winkle and "Odysseus lured by the sirens' songs", both illustrated by Eric Hall. "Straight flew the arrow to the very centre" illustrated by Hilda Hanway.

3 travel-themed colour plates from a 1950s encyclopedia. £1 each + postage. "World famous but sinister landmark of Venice", "Magnificent cataracts of the Victoria Falls", and "Mirrored splendour of the Taj Mahal".

"Queer cactuses and their lovely flowers", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. £3 + postage.

"Some British wild flowers" illustrated by E.C. Mansell. £4 + postage.

"Some decorative examples of Scots tartans", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. £3 + postage.

"Priceless treasures of the Crown Jewels". £3 + postage.

The song "Sur le Pont d'Avignon", illustrated by Yunae Bateman. Please note there are some slight marks on this page, but it's still a lovely thing! £2 + postage.

"Male pheasant's splendid plumage", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. £3 + postage.

"Badges to be earned by Boy Scouts" (on the back: "Badges of merit for senior Scouts"). Please note that both sides are slightly marked. £2 + postage.

3 more wildlife-themed colour plates, £1 each + postage. "One of the world's largest yawns", "Glorious display of the peacock's plumage" and "Mandarin drake and his dun-coloured mate".

"Characteristics of many familiar breeds of dog", illustrated by E.C. Mansell. On the back: "Dogs of the farm, field, and home". Both sides are slightly marked. £2 + postage.


3 more lovely colour plates: Joan of Arc, Bees, & The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. £2 each. "The peasant girl who saved France", painted by Dudley Tennant. "Worker bees seeking nectar and pollen", illustrated by F. G. Mories. And "Hanging gardens - a marvel of ancient Babylon", illustrated by Marjory Whittington.

Then the last one for now: "Some of the familiar edible and deadly fungi", painted by Marshall Smith. £3 + postage.

Get in touch if you're interested in making a purchase or would like a quote for international postage.  If you're in the UK, 2nd class postage for one of these pages will be £1.40. I'm happy to ship internationally at the moment if you're prepared to wait for your parcel (there may be long delays due to COVID-19 disruption).