Thursday 11 September 2008

Special Requests (C365/355)

Yesterday I finished all the teacups from the day before, then drank a celebratory cup of tea and settled down to work on some custom orders... I've had a sudden flurry of them recently, and they're proving a nice bit of variation from batch-sewing. Last night I worked on a special fawn-coloured version of my squirrel pins ...
... and a pincushion version of my forget-me-nots brooches:
I made a bit of a mess of the kitchen table in the process!


cutedesigns said...

That squirrel pin is lovely. :)

wren said...

Ok - I stumbled upon your site while looking for ideas using felt for scrapbooking and I have gone crazy on your stuff! It is wonderful! I cannot wait to go thru all your pics and your blog. I live in Birmingham, Ala. Wren :)

Mary Kelly said...

I love your blog and I LOVE your work. You seem to be always coming up with fun new creations. :)

the oak leaves are very precious.

I have a question though. What do you use these pins for? Do you have any pictures of anyone wearing them? I'm just curious. I don't see anyone reallly wearing pins these days unless they are very tiny. The leaf would look beautiful on a hat or a scarf.

I'm keeping you on my list of people to buy from when I go Christmas shopping for myself ^_^