Monday 29 September 2008

Knitting + Tea + Cake = Sunday Afternoon Bliss

As Sunday afternoons go, yesterday was pretty darn awesome. I went along to a Knitting Marathon organised by Reading-based knitters Outcast and joined lots of lovely friendly people in knitting woolly hats for Innocent Drinks' Big Knit campaign.
The knitting took place at Picnic (a fantastic little cafe selling soup, sandwiches, salads and very very yummy cake) and drew lots of attention from passers by!
We even managed to have a mini Etsy meet-up, as Angharad and I had a good natter whilst knitting (needless to say, her knitting skills far surpassed my own).
Many thanks to fellow Etsian Knithappens for organising it and for the great photos!

In other news: the lovely people at Etsy featured one of my designs in their "Etsy Finds" shopping email today, which was rather nice. Apparently it has over 17,000 subscribers. My mum is very proud :)


alabama whirly said...

it was a perfect day

Anonymous said...

boy don't i wish I had a cafe like that here! What fun ^_^


wildfennel said...

hi lupin, pity i didn't get to chat to you. i love your creations, you make such lovely creatures! what an amazing sunday afternoon that was!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Oh, this looks like SO MUCH FUN. Wish I was there...the weather was great as well.