Tuesday 16 September 2008

New Stuff, Old Stuff

Oops, I forgot to blog yesterday: sorry! I am blaming this on working a different pattern of shifts this week (it's thrown my routine right out) but really I'm just naturally a bit forgetful :)

Sunday's craftiness largely involved custom items (photos another time) but at the end of the evening I made a quick prototype of a new design for my shop: a treestump pincushion! I sewed a mini one just to see what it would look like (sometimes these things just don't look how they do in your head) and stuffed it with the teeny scraps left over from the day's sewing:
Then yesterday (day 360! how exciting!) I worked on some old designs: cutting out pieces to make Christmas ornaments that I designed last year...
I do have some new Christmas designs to reveal soon (to join the robins, wot I made earlier) but it's nice to be reviving the old ones in the meantime! All this cold weather we've been having makes it seem much nearer December than it really is: I'm feeling festive already! (Psst: if you're interested, the large mistletoe will look something like this)


Beth said...

Your work is gorgeous. Love the log :)