Wednesday 24 September 2008

Being On Trend

I have spent most of today staring at the computer and cursing at obscure printer error messages whilst printing out lots of things for a "press and features" scrapbook I'm putting together. So, to save my already squinty eyes I'll keep this short :)

I just wanted to mention that felt brooches are, apparently, very "on trend" this season. My much more fashionable younger sister informs me that they appeared on many a catwalk this month and there are even felt brooches selling in Topshop now: I'm not awake enough to comment on this very intelligently, but I thought it was quite interesting, especially the prices for something so mass produced compared with the more exclusive handmade alternatives!


Unknown said...

Wow - Topshop - that is HUGE - I bet you are thrilled!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hehe, they're not *my* brooches in Topshop! It's just nice to see they're in fashion at the moment :)