Tuesday 19 August 2008

Trial and Error

Yesterday I turned my attention to the stash of crafty supplies and projects that are not neatly arranged in my little office, but stowed away under the bed or in the spare room long neglected and gathering dust... I'm going to try to be ruthless and clear a few bits out for the UK Etsy supplies swap group and I'm also determined to try to actually finish some projects! First up: an almost-finished blanket that just needs another 12 squares.
Unfortunately, it's been so long since I knitted any squares for this I'd forgotten what size knitting needles to use and just had to guess. I guessed wrong! Oh well.

I'm really not very good at knitting - sewing has always been much more my thing - and get in an awful muddle whenever I try knitting more than just blanket squares. I knitted some scarves once, but the sort that only a mother would love! Knitting simple squares is incredibly relaxing though, and it's an incredible feeling when you have a whole blanket you made yourself. Here's two I made earlier (now owned by my mother & sister) ... the biggest things I've ever made:


Knit Sew City Girl said...

I like your choice of colours. Did it take you long?


Christiane said...

the blankets are beautiful! i love the colours! they look like they are made out of polar fleece!

cutedesigns said...

Good luck with the knitting. :) I'm also a bad knitter. Those blankets look excellent!

Dotty said...

I can only knit sqaures and scarves also.
I love thoe blankets you made, i think i have a try at on myself.
Thanks for the inspiration :) x

Unknown said...