Friday 15 August 2008

A Week Away

I didn't manage to do much crafting while I was away, but I still managed to squeeze in a little bit here and there (though I did admittedly skip a couple of days inbetween!). My main crafty activity was embroidering these:
They're felt artworks based on illustrations by Jo Askey, and though I finished the first one well over a year ago the batch as a whole remains unfinished and languishing most neglectedly in my "work in progress" box. I am quite determined to finish them all this month, but I feel sure I've said something similar before!

In general though, it was quite nice to take a break away from large piles of sewing and things "to do" and to laze about a bit. I read a whole book from cover to cover (pretty rare for me these days as I usually prefer to be sewing) and spent a wonderful afternoon working my way through a couple of issues of Creative Review, one of my favourite design magazines:
When I thought about what I'd been up to creatively this week, I thought that was all I'd done but then I remembered that I'd managed to squeeze in a bit of supply shopping too! I made a trip to John Lewis - the branch where I bought all my supplies for school sewing projects and my Textiles GCSE coursework many moons ago - and stocked up on black seed beads:
The last time I was back home I bought my first tube of these Gutermann seed beads and fell in love with them almost instantly. I use them for my poppies and as eyes for badgers, squirrels and foxes (I actually tend to refer to them not as seed beads but as "squirrel eyes" which sort of freaks my boyfriend out) ... and the tube was starting to run a little low!


Melissa Crowe said...

Ha! Squirrels eyes--again the line between craftiness and witchery blurs. :-)