Monday 18 August 2008

Pretty Pictures

Saturday was another "tax day" - it's going quite well, just slowly as I plod my way through my accounts and working out what I'm supposed to be doing! In a way I am sort of enjoying it - I like organising things and writing things up into tables and stuff like that (it's just a shame there are no bar charts involved, I like a nice bar chart). Just a bit more to go and I'll actually be ready to start filling in the forms, haha.

I escaped the accounts madness for a bit by popping into town to buy a few "bits" - some more parcel tape, some black felt, some prittstick and a few picture frames. Nothing too exciting but it did allow me to make a start on getting this lot framed and ready to go on the wall:
Please excuse the grainy photos... dark rainy days + trying to take pictures of glass (so you can't turn the indoor lights on) = very bad photos. The two groups of pictures are going up in my (slightly retro) kitchen, either side of this poster from Present&Correct. Two advertising posters from my grandparents' village Post Office, three pages from "The Good Housewife's Enyclopedia" (published in 1963), and six delightful bird prints from the lovely and super-talented Geninne (my birthday present to myself earlier this year). I am still umming and ahhing about which order to hang the birds in, but I can always change my mind once they're up, I guess!