Friday, 1 August 2008

Tiny Trees and Crafty Cakes

Last night was one of those evenings when I was hugely tempted to stay up past my bedtime to finish my sewing because almost finishing things is just not the same as actually having a row of finished lovelies in front of you. However, I was very good and went to bed at a sensible hour leaving all this work in progress:I almost finished my prototype battenburg pincushions (they just need stuffing) and also a little batch (a small forest, if you like) of tree brooches. Cutting out all those tiny leaves is rather fiddly, but the end result is totally worth it I think. I am very pleased with how the battenburg is turning out - they have a real satisfyingly chunky feel to them already and they've not even been stuffed yet.

Lots of fun news today... My blond moustache disguise (modelled by superstar Louie) got a mention over on ConversationPieces and has also been popping up at the bottom of the Etsy front page linking to an article on the Etsy blog as part of their Handmade Kids series:
Also I was delighted to spot my little teacup brooches on one of my favourite blogs, Modish, yesterday and even more chuffed today when I saw they'd been included in the "Modish's top DaWanda picks" feature that's just gone live on the DaWanda homepage. Jena from Modish is running a competition - vote for your favourite item from her list by leaving a comment HERE before August 10th to take part. I have my fingers crossed that at least one person will vote for my little teacups but will be trying very hard not to check the comments obsessively just in case!


Anonymous said...

I totally understand how it is with unfinished projects! Especially if they're sooo near to completion - the temptation is very strong. But it's alright because we all love seeing WIP shots too, so it works out in the end! (Says the girl who sat up late last night cutting up pattern pieces).

It's so good to hear your name popping up all over the internet! Good luck on the competition :)

Two Cheese Please

Beth said...

Whenever I push on past the time I should be dropping it and going to bed, it always ends in tear and ripping seams. Your trees look terrific!