Monday 18 August 2008

Making Space for Crafty Things

Yesterday I finally got my new "office" space tidied up and cleared of junk piles and laundry and other gubbins. It's nothing fancy, just some shelves in a little room off our kitchen (which acts as my main office/workspace) but it means I finally have 90% of my crafty stuff organised and together in one place for ease of sewing / packaging / etc. Click on the photo to see it labelled on Flickr...


Kate Hadfield said...

I had a little chuckle at the "chaotic pile of felt" tag!! I'm very envious of your organisation, my craft supplies are still in various boxes throughout the house!

Anonymous said...

You would envy my work set up, but I still need more boxes. My problem is I don't seem to have enough "stacking" space. And I love boxes for some ODD reason. I must have more them. Pretty ones ^_^ for putting pretty things in.

My stuffed creations take up more room than say the pins though and that tends to be my downfall :lol: