Wednesday 11 June 2008

Seeing Spots (365/276)

Last night was mostly taken up by a staff meeting for my "proper job". I did manage to squeeze in a bit of sewing after dinner though, decorating another pincushion top: this time hot pink circles on grey:
I love the bright colour on the more muted background. Sometime soon I shall have a binge of sewing and stuffing pincushions - I certainly have lots of felt scraps to fill them up with!


Cara said...

Ooo - I love that colour combination. The pink just pops out from the grey. Can't wait to see it as a finished piece.

Saysie said...

Oooo this looks lovely! Lovely choice of colours!

Juddie said...

Hang on ..... do you mean you make all of these fabulous things in addition to working in a 'proper' job??

Girl, you are AMAZING!

.... love your stuff.