Saturday 14 June 2008

Neglecting the Washing Up

I did make stuff yesterday, but as my camera is well and truly busted I'm going to leave off the crafty updates for today and instead present a few Etsy finds.

It has been so sunny today! Just gorgeous. I have been enjoying myself in the sunshine and neglecting chores like the washing up... (tsk tsk). My Skinnylaminx mugs teatowel and I really need to spend some "quality" time together, but instead of actually doing the washing up I've been procrastinating by searching Etsy for new teatowels. As I've said before, I do love a nice teatowel. They're that classic "beautiful and useful" thing and cheer up both your kitchen and that most dull of chores, doing the dishes.

Some designs that caught my eye this evening...

After my long hot day, this fab lolly design from MrPS really makes my mouth water:I can't get enough of kitchen-themed fabrics, so I am totally jealous of Beaky for finding such a great pattern. Just perfect for a teatowel:
This handwoven towel from KindredThreads has the most darling bit of trim: I love the styling of this picture, too:Finding this "filigree" teatowel in FlowerPress's shop makes me very happy indeed, especially as apparently there are lots more teatowels to come! So, so beautiful and going on my "to buy" list pronto:Then finally more cake in the form of these sweet cupcakes from DizzyDezign (whose botanical designs are also very pretty):Other lovely places to shop for teatowels on Etsy include GloamingDesigns (always so subtle and chic!), MasseyandRogers (lovely modern birdie prints) and AshfordTrading (an Etsy shop in need of their first customer!).

I'm actually going to go wash up now... honest...


Unknown said...

I simply love the cake trim and the cupcake table cloth!!