Thursday 5 June 2008

Chores (365/270)

Yesterday was a day for chores. Crafting-related chores, but chores all the same.
(How many times can I use the word chores? Chores chores chores. Ahem.)

First up, I had to place an order for some more felt as my stocks had been running reeeeally low. Unfortunately, my supplier is out of a few colours, but at least I've got 56 colours instead of the 45-and-running-out-of-more-every-day that I was at before.

Secondly, I had to have a bit of a tidy up as my sewing and assorted debris was starting to spread over the house again...

And then third I needed to pay some attention to my mending pile. Utilitarian sewing like sewing buttons back on or mending tears is sooo much less exciting than creative crafty stuff, so my mending pile grows and grows until it starts falling over and I have to actually do something about it. Case in point: I mended a cardigan last night which has been in my mending pile for so long I blogged about buying the thread to mend it LAST MAY (I then went on the use the thread to sew some of these instead, as I am easily distracted by shiny things!). It's nice to have it back in my wardrobe at last! Here it is atop my giant box of felt:


Swirlyarts said...

My mending pile is huge but like you I keep putting it off - maybe one day!