Monday 9 June 2008

Sewing and Selling (C365/274)

Yesterday I crashed out in the heat (gorgeous weather here at the moment) and appliqued some pincushion tops:
When they're finished, the pincushions will look like these ones. They were born out of my growing mountain of felt scraps - the small scraps are used to decorate them, and the tiny scraps used to stuff them. Felt as a stuffing material makes for a lovely firm and chunky pincushion, great for sinking lots of pins into.

I also had a small overnight flurry of sales in my Etsy shop. The UK-US time difference can be a nuisance sometimes but it is so delicious waking up and finding you've sold stuff while you were sleeping!

I sold a couple of medium poppies, no doubt because of the exposure they got from their week rotating atop the front page. In about a week I think they got around 1000 views (I don't know for sure because once they've sold the view count goes down to an unhelpful 1) and my shop seems to have been a bit busier than usual in terms of views, people marking it as a favourite, etc. I definitely see now why some sellers make all their listings white knockouts: the free exposure is pretty darn awesome.

Ooh, maybe I was wrong about that: turns out another of my red poppies (my poppy hairband) was on the front page last night in this lovely treasury, so maybe that was it? Mysterious mysteries...

UPDATE: My poppy design is now available as a sewing pattern! Visit my shop to see all my printable PDF patterns


cutedesigns said...

Cool, sounds like you're doing well. :)

Silly Little Sheep said...

Congrats!! :) Waking up to a sale can be pretty amazing :) And you can have it all packed and sold before the buyer wakes up in the morning too :)) It is like non-contact buying and selling :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Yup, waking up to a sale or two = the best feeling :)